Room Layout & Audio-Visual Preferences

Mr. Sileo requests the following Items:

  • A well-lit stage or riser (1-2 feet high is generally adequate for audiences under
  • Auditorium seating is the best, with audience in the seats closest to Mr. Sileo so
    that he may interact with them easily. The closer the audience is to the stage, the
    better, as it makes it a more personal speech. If possible, please don’t place any A/V equipment between the stage and the audience (e.g., projector, laptop, lectern,
  • Wireless Lapel or Lavaliere Microphone (Mr. Sileo uses his hands throughout the
    presentation and walks around the audience, so handheld and wired microphones do not work).
  • Professional quality sound system whenever possible.
  • LCD Projector & Screen. Mr. Sileo often uses an LCD projector to project 5-6
    PowerPoint slides. He will bring his own laptop as well as a thumb-drive with the
    presentation (in case you want him to use your equipment).
  • A small, sturdy table on or near the stage.
  • No podium/lectern on the stage or between Mr. Sileo and the audience whenever
    possible. Mr. Sileo will not use this equipment and it generally hinders interaction with the audience.
  • If you would like introduction music for Mr. Sileo, please let us know and we will
    forward an MP3 or CD.

John Sileo's Most Requested Speaking Programs

All of John's presentations can be customized for your specific industry, audience level, and desired length of program.

Please contact John directly at 800-258-8076 for any further A/V discussion and to schedule a mic check before the performance.