7 Sins of Social Networking

Controlling Information Over-Exposure (45 Minutes)

Identity Theft Speaker John Sileo
John Sileo presenting The 7 Sins of Social Networking

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are no longer just tools for teens. Whether as a communication device used personally by your employees, a marketing tool employed by your corporation or an intelligence gathering device used by your competitors or enemies, the implications of social media on business privacy is breathtaking. It’s not enough to have a social media strategy; you must understand and prepare for the implications of letting the genie out of the bottle. Social networking is immensely powerful and is here for the long run, but we must learn to harness and control it. Your audience will leave this presentation with tips, strategies and tools to control information exposure as a by-product of social networking.

In The 7 Sins, John discusses:

  • Social Networking's Secret Weapon: Trust
  • Social Media Tools of Influence
  • Our Privacy is Public, Permanent and Exploitable
  • Where You are Being Exposed
  • Balancing Information Flow with Data Exposure
  • Eliminating The 7 Sins of Social Networking
  • Concrete Steps to Adapt to a Virtual World

In the realm of social media and social networking, your organization will either control, or be controlled. The sooner you develop a strategy for dealing with this digital venue for human relationships, the smarter and safer your organization will be from the fraud and data loss that occurs in the process.

This speech can be combined with Think Like a Spy, as it gives the audience the motivation and fundamental building blocks for protecting information with extra emphasis on the realm of social networking. Coupled with Think Like a Spy, this is a 90 minute speech (or two separate 45 minute presentations).

SuncorpThe fact that you customized your content to relate directly to our industry was unanticipated and highly appreciated. Many of our members remarked that this was the best presentation we've had in years. Bravo!

— President, Suncorp

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