Getting What You Want

Weapons of Manipulation & Tools of Influence

Getting What You Want
John Sileo, Identity Theft Speaker

Manipulation is universal; it’s used by salespeople, negotiators, con artists and even your kids to get what they want. Until you recognize the signs of manipulation, you are but a pawn in their game and will continue to be upsold, defrauded and taken advantage of.

But, now more than ever, knowledge is power – once you can identify deceptive tools of persuasion being used against you, your vulnerability drops radically. The benefits are immediate, whether you are buying a used car, evaluating a potential date, hiring a new employee or disciplining your teenager. You must know who to trust, and more importantly, how to trust.

A background in the darker side of persuasion allows you to avoid manipulation and primes you for guidance on using related skills to your advantage - to positively influence the world. You see, the honest cousins of manipulation and deceit are positive influence and ethical persuasion. These tools lie at the “good” end of spectrum that begins with manipulation and ends with positively controlling the outcomes in our lives.

In Getting What You Want, you will learn to:

  • Instinctually detect manipulation and negative forms of influence
  • Understand deceptive triggers that push your buttons
  • Distinguish Weapons of Manipulation (bad) from Tools of Influence (good)
  • Fight Back Against 7 Means of Manipulation
  • Apply these Skills to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Business

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