Think Like A Spy

Information Survival Skills (60 Minutes)

Identity Theft Speaker John Sileo
John Sileo presenting Think Like A Spy

Identity theft is America’s fastest growing crime and the #1 concern among all Americans. This crime not only affects individuals and families, but also has costly liability implications for every organization (data breach, corporate espionage, reputation damage). Good personal privacy habits lead to safer data within your business – and safe data is profitable data. This presentation will give your audience the fundamental building blocks to proactively protect valuable information assets, both personally and professionally.

In Think Like a Spy, your audience will experience:

  • The #1 Obstacle to Data Privacy and how to overcome it
  • How to Think Like a Spy and apply espionage techniques to data protection
  • The Top 5 Social Engineering Triggers and how to defeat them
  • Interrogation Tools to detect and avoid scams before they bite
  • Risk-Scenario Training that makes safe data handling a habit, not an afterthought
  • Targeting the Enemy: an action plan to minimize risk with less work
  • Practical Skills that bridge personal prevention and professional privacy

In this presentation, John interacts on a highly personal level with the audience. He walks them through what it feels like to become a victim of identity theft and data breach and moves them from apathy to empathy (the first step in data privacy). From there, he safely and humorously involves the audience in a social engineering scheme, educating them while entertaining. The only thing louder than the laughter is John’s point – that until you have experienced data breach first-hand, you won’t pay attention to it on a professional level. The result is a safer individual with strategic data privacy skills that protect the organization’s bottom line.

To bridge the gap between personal protection and professional privacy, add one or more of these profit-focused components (additional fees apply):

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Improve the personal privacy habits of your audience and protect your organization's bottom line.