Your Financial Institution as Hero

Protecting Customers Against Identity Theft

Identity Theft Speaker John Sileo
John Sileo presenting Your Financial Institution as Hero

No one is in a better position to educate individuals about identity theft prevention than financial institutions. Not only do they have the “financial ear” of their clients, but they have a responsibility to protect their customers and members from this highly financial crime. This speech applies to banks, credit unions, insurance companies, brokers, financial planners, accountants, etc.

Here is the good news. By educating your customers or members about how to protect themselves against America 's Fastest Growing Crime, your financial institution benefits at the bottom line. By wearing the white hat in the financial services industry, your organization will learn how to:

  • Leverage identity theft education to develop more loyal customers
  • Raise effective barriers to customer defection
  • Lower your cost of doing business while raising customer service
  • Improving share-of-wallet through prevention goodwill
  • Lower the fraud-loss your institution incurs when your customer is victimized
  • Take full advantage of the hero's publicity
  • Implement tipping-point customer referrals

This speech is best presented in conjunction with Think Like a Spy as it gives the audience inspiration and a personal background for applying protection to the organization.

SuncorpThe fact that you customized your content to relate directly to our industry was unanticipated and highly appreciated. Many of our members remarked that this was the best presentation we've had in years. Bravo!

— President, Suncorp

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Protect your financial institution's customers or members against identity theft.