Introduction for John Sileo (Pronounced Silly‐o)

Professional Identity Theft Speaker

Important Note: The introduction is a crucial part of my presentation. Done properly, it establishes credibility and sets a positive, upbeat tone. I will refer to certain parts of the introduction in my speech, so please read it verbatim. Also, please do not tell any part of my identity theft story during your introduction as that is a central piece of my presentation. Thanks.

You might have seen him on NBC, ABC or Money Matters Today. You might have read Stolen Lives, his critically acclaimed, award-winning book on identity theft protection. If not, you’re in for an eye-opener.

John Sileo became the country’s top identity theft expert after he experienced this crime first-hand… twice.

Since graduating from Harvard University, John has founded four businesses… three of which survived! He is a serial entrepreneur, the father of two highly spirited daughters… and, from what I’m told, a fantastically mediocre guitar player.

All kidding aside, THESE are the qualities that define John’s identity. An identity he nearly flushed down the toilet because he didn’t think it would happen to him.

Please welcome John Sileo.

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