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Attendees and meeting planners love John Sileo's identity theft presentations!

Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

Your keynote presentation Think Like a Spy: Identity Theft Prevention was particularly well-received and a key reason why the vast majority of attendees expressed that this year's conference was the best and most informative to date. Your personal experiences with identity theft and humorous approach to this serious subject gave attendees a keen insight as to how to prevent identity theft for Service members and families.

— Tommy T. Thomas, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense


Your presentation was outstanding! We continue to receive numerous positive comments about your presentation, which our audience found highly inspiring, informative, and fun. As a result of your presentation, we've seen important progress in employees' awareness toward our agency's goal of protecting sensitive personal information from harms, such as identity theft, through increased employee awareness. Your memorable tips for safeguarding data at home will certainly lead to safer data at FDIC.

— Michael Bartell, CIO, Chief Privacy Officer and Director, Division of Information Technology FDIC

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Federal Trade Commission

Your presentation helped to reinforce the important yet common sense tools that we all can use to protect our own privacy, and that we at the FTC can apply to protecting the personal information that the public entrusts to us. Over 150 staff members attended your informative and entertaining presentation and the response was very positive.

It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff and we appreciate your highlighting the importance of protecting data and the devastating effects that can result from a data breach.

— Kellie Cosgrove Riley, CPO, Federal Trade Commission


It was clear that John's presentation at our meeting was well received. He spoke during lunch — against the din of 400 hungry attendees — but by the time climax of his opening story, the entire audience was fully involved with his experiences.

John's message, that privacy is profitable both personally and professionally, was memorable. Who can forget HOGWASH!, ConJOB and all of the stolen purses? His points were poignant and adaptable — exactly what we were looking for.

— Lori Curd, NASBA

The Institute of Internal Auditors

Timely! Who thought this incredibly hot topic could also be so much fun? Our attendees raved about John’s humorously interactive training style and how he applied it to such vital skills as fraud deflection, laptop protection, and safe social networking.

Inspiring! We hired John because of his arresting personal story of surviving severe identity theft and data breach; we’d bring him back for his depth of knowledge, refreshing insights and engaging performance style.

Vital! Now, more than ever, protecting one’s private information has direct consequences for their bottom line. If only one in a hundred people apply John’s suggestions the speech will have paid for itself in multiples. Lucky for our profession, the adoption of his ideas will be much higher than that.

— Justin Naples, President, The Institute of Internal Auditors

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Thank you for your participation as a speaker at the National Internet Audit and Anti-Fraud Conference. The meeting was a true success greatly due to your knowledge and dedication. Your session was well received by all who attended. Awesome presentation! Perfect for closing the conference.

— Jennifer, Blue Cross/Blue Shield


I attended Pfizer’s Annual Information Security Officer’s Conference. The Inspirational Speaker was Mr. John Sileo. John’s presentation was captivating, to say the least. His story is phenomenally sad. John rose above it all and now provides fantastic advice to companies and individuals on how to protect their identity. I left John’s presentation as equally inspired as when I left Mark Sanborn’s presentation. [If John speaks there next year,] I’ll be sitting in the front row!

— R. LaChance, Pfizer

Lincoln Financial Advisors

A million thanks for providing an outstanding presentation at our three 2008 Planning Forums in Los Angeles, Atlanta and St. Louis this year. Your session on Identity Theft was one of the highest attended and one of the highest rated. Our audience just LOVED YOU. Your personal story and the information you provided our audience was thoroughly captivating. I've never received such an enormous outpouring of thanks for hiring such amazing speakers. Thanks for delivering exactly what you promised and for being so wonderful to work with.

— Shannon McGowan, Planning Forum Manager, Lincoln Financial Advisors


Based on our participant evaluations, it was evident you were the hit of our two day event. Your demeanor and story engaged our audience immediately and I believe all came away with some new techniques to help prevent identity theft. Your style was refreshing... I would highly recommend you to any of AARP's staff and/or external partners I work with who are looking for a new, innovative way of addressing the problem of identity theft.

— Doris J. Gleason, Community Outreach Director, AARP

Kimberly Clark Corporation

John did an excellent job. Very energetic, accommodating both our goals: helping the employee at home and also bringing those skills to the working environment.

— K. Seeley, Kimberly Clark Corporation

Preview Properties

John was superb! His message and delivery were right on target. Not only is his topic refreshingly different, it is right on target for today's world. His high-content delivery is entertaining and memorable. John is great to work with... In terms of return on investment, he is a sure bet.

— Robert Bohlen, Board Chairman, PreviewProperties.com


Not only did you carry a message that will help all of us individually, through your insight into the Credit Union Movement, you helped us understand how we can continue to wear the white hat in the financial services industry and help our members avoid what happened to you. Thank you for an outstanding and professional presentation."

— Thomas R. Graham, President and CEO, SunCorp

Chadron State College

John Sileo is the real deal. He speaks because he has something to say, but also because he is interested in his audience! If you host speakers, do yourself a favor and hire John... he will remind you of all that is good about offering a speaker to an audience.

— Loree MacNeill, Chadron State College

DFK International/USA

Your participation as a featured speaker greatly enhanced our conference program. I especially appreciate the time and effort you committed to the development and presentation of your session. Overall, the evaluations indicate everyone very much enjoyed your presentation.

— Jay Hauck, Executive Director, DFK International/USA


Your professionalism and knowledge was apparent in both our interactions regarding logistics as well as during your talk. Identity Theft Jujitsu was indeed the perfect fit for the opening of our conference thanks to its blend of applicability to our subject matter, your eloquent delivery and inclusion of physical movement. Our participants were engaged and motivated to take lessons learned and apply them both in their personal lives as well as to their work. I would indeed recommend this presentation to others in my field.

— Ed Barone, Technology Policy & Information Security, Pfizer

NJM Insurance Group

Thank you for providing the centerpiece event for our Information Security Awareness week. Your spirited, emotional and thought-provoking presentation was able to deliver a targeted message, which in turn generated excitement and discussion about Information Security among our senior staff and supervisors. It was exactly the kind of presentation that we were looking to provide to our audience.

— Fernando A. Reiser, Information Security Administrator, NJM Insurance Group

Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association

Our attendees enjoyed your presentation and we were glad to have you as a key component of our annual Conference... you were our top rated speaker overall.

— Sharon Boyle, Vice President, Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association


You were a huge success. The feedback from your presentation has been nothing but positive. Our participants were equipped with excellent material and information on how to best protect their identity.

— Monsio Love Joof, Sr. Meetings Assoicate, Education & Training, NRECA

PJM Security Triad

We've received all positive comments on your Identity Theft Jujitsu speech and its message. It is our hope your 'Stop, Chop, Lock and Block' message is something that everyone applies not only to their personal lives, but also to their everyday business within PJM... The Sileo Group's professionalism and preparedness helped PJM in pulling off a flawless event.

— Joe Callis, PJM Security Triad


Thank you for making sitting through a conference presentation such fun!... You received one of the highest evaluation ratings of all our speakers this year.

— Joyce Wagner, Executive Director, M.A.P.E.R.S.

Drury Inns Inc.

Your session on preventing identity theft provided key information for our attendees that they can use in their personal and professional lives - that's a real plus! Your analogy of the 'Privacy Black Belt' gave attendees an easy way to remember the key points of your presentation. And we all know it's really about what they remember AFTER they leave!

— Sarah R. Wegner, Director of Human Resources, Drury Inns Inc.

Treasure State Corporate Credit Union

Thank you for your emotionally charged and excellent presentation you gave at our recent Member Conference and Financial Symposium. Sharing your personal experiences with identity theft and providing guidance to our credit unions on ways they can help their members avoid this significant problem was clearly the highlight of our event.

— Brad L. Miller, President and CEO, Treasure State Corporate Credit Union

Granite Credit Union

Your presentation was right on target and a wake up call to many of our members. Our members came away with tons of great ideas to put into practice. Your presentation was compelling and entertaining and inspired us all to take action to protect our identity.

— Julie Morgan, VP Marketing, Granite Credit Union

Murray Risk Management and Insurance

There have been only positive remarks and thank you notes received from our clients and friend who attended your keynote at our 17th Annual Risk Management Seminar. In fact, now more than two weeks later, someone stopped me on the sidewalk only yesterday to say that he has been thinking about the issues you introduced every since your presentation. It was wonderful!

— David E. Hosler, Chief Operating Officer, Murray Risk Management and Insurance

Harris Beach Attorneys at Law

Thank you again for a fabulous and dynamic presentation this morning! You kept the audience engaged for two hours, which is really tough. And, you were a pleasure to work with. I had a feeling you would be a great speaker, and you exceeded those expectations.

— Vicki Lewis, Manager of Business Development, Harris Beach Attorneys at Law

Credit Union Association of Wyoming

You did an outstanding presentation for our Annual Meeting for the Credit Union Association of Wyoming. Our participants felt the information presented about identity theft was very timely for their members and that it was very personal.

— Diana Stoick, Director Member Services, Credit Union Association of Wyoming


What can I say other than... Bullseye! Your presentation was dead-on accurate. Great content, great energy and a brain full of ideas to put into action. And the fact that you customized your content to relate directly to our industry was unanticipated and highly appreciated. As many of our members remarked as they walked out the door, 'This is the best presentation we've had in years.' Your information is relevant, timely and immediately usable. Bravo.

— Lynelle Lahey, Co-Chair Program/Education Committee, RMBTA

Marlborough School

It was John's perfect combination of humor, creativity, and wisdom that made his talk so powerful. He not only kept his audience riveted for a full 45 minutes, but sent them home equipped with strategies about how to protect themselves and their loved ones. As an assembly coordinator, teacher, and mother myself, I couldn't have asked for anything more. I highly recommend John Sileo as a speaker for any age group and for any organization or school.

— Reid Cottingham, Assembly Program Coordinator, Marlborough School

Regence BCBS of Oregon

John's presentation is a great eye opener on the growing threat of identity theft. He keeps your attention, has great audience interaction and the Jujitsu Stop, Chop, Lock, Block is highly effective and easy to remember. I have already started correcting my identity exposure.

— G. Hoffman, Regence BCBS of Oregon


John's high energy, clarity and first-hand knowledge of this topic was incredible. He kept us on the edge of our seats. He is a sensational speaker, speaking from the heart and with a passion to make sure that we don't suffer what he has experienced.

— L. Montalto, PreviewProperties.com

Principal Financial Group

Fantastic presentation! It really made me think about how I handle day to day activities and the information I give out. I have already caught myself doing a 'STOP' before giving out personal information.

— T. Vander Hart, Principal Financial Group

he Law Offices of John M. Preston, APC

John was positively infectious! I can't stop talking about that evening with my friends. Great! Entertaining, educational and kept my attention for the full presentation.

— M. Lengle, The Law Offices of John M. Preston, APC

he Law Offices of John M. Preston, APC

Definitely, this was by far the 'best of the best.' A true professional presentation!

— J. Hollingsworth, The Law Offices of John M. Preston, APC

Prudential Utah Real Estate

John was right on! His presentation was high energy, very clear and very helpful. Thank you for all of your helpful hints. I have already opted out!

— J. Carson, President, Prudential Utah Real Estate

Fifth Third Bank

Fantastic. John was an exceptional speaker.

— B. Downie, Fifth Third Bank

Mark Shale

Your presentation was the perfect way to start the day. Very upbeat and informative. Though I consider myself a careful person, you made me think of several things I need to take care of to protect my identity, along with my wife's and children's identity. Thanks.

— R. Myers, CFO, Mark Shale


John, you covered a lot of territory in a short period. Time flew... you are an excellent, entertaining speaker. Engaging and drew the audience in with your life examples. Well done... Bravo!

— J. Poe, M.A.P.E.R.S.

The Botsford Group

I am president of The Botsford Group, a financial planning firm which places emphasis on asset protection and risk management. I read Stolen Lives and it definitely had an impact on me, and I felt the information would be very beneficial to our clients as well. John Sileo spoke at our annual client reception, and the response was extremely positive; many of our clients got busy the next day, taking steps John recommends to protect their identities. He is very professional and entertaining, a job well done!

— E. T. Botsford, President, The Botsford Group

Financial Planning Association

John’s interaction with the audience was absolutely brilliant! He got every one of us involved in the process so that we could personally experience how to protect our data. And he had us laughing the whole time. John is a must see for every organization, financial or otherwise. His material is particularly relevant to Financial Planners because the tools he trains on add exceptional value not only to our offices, but to our clients. Kudos!

— Dr. Dennis K. Barker, CFP President, Orange County

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